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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lossless audio checker?

The audio signal may have been upscaled (increasing the resolution), upsampled (increasing the sampling rate) or even transcoded from a lossy to a lossless format. Lossless Audio Checker analyzes lossless audio tracks and detects upscaling, upsampling and transcoding.

How to check if a CD is lossless?

If the CD you check is a lossless one, the conclusion will be CDDA (original CD record). Besides using the lossless audio checkers above, listening to the audio files directly should be the most basic and effective way to check the music quality. If there are many noises, we conclude that the audio file isn’t lossless.

What is a lossless audio file?

Other lossless audio file formats include ALAC (Apple Lossless) and WMA Lossless (Windows Media Audio). The former is a good iOS and Apple Music-compatible alternative to FLAC, although the files are slightly less compact than FLACs. Check for smartphone and tablet compatibility, though. Who’s heard of an MP3? Course you have.

How to check the quality of lossless music?

Audio Checker 4. Spectro Audio Checker 5. Tau Analyzer How can you be sure all the lossless music files you downloaded from the Internet are with good quality? WAV, APE, FLAC and other lossless music which can keep the same sound quality as CDs are popular with music fans and we can easily find various music with lossless WAV, APE, FLAC tag.

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