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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move house in Australia?

Some of the most important steps when moving house in Australia: Find an AFRA accredited removalist. Receive an in house no obligation quotation. Decide if you or the removalist will be doing the packing. Declutter your home, and pack. Contact all service and utility providers. Other useful reminders before moving day. Moving Day!

How to prepare a moving house checklist?

Your moving house checklist 1 Get a headstart. Make a folder on your computer, get a folder, organise documents. ... 2 Preparing. New house, fresh start. ... 3 Moving. Insurance gives you peace of mind and helps you enjoy your new home more. ... 4 Settling in. Celebrate your new purchase! ... 5 Now you've settled. Thinking of renovating? ...

How to prepare your house for a removalist move?

You will also find packing and moving house tips to make the entire process stress-free. So whether you are planning to go with a professional removalists company or want to tackle the moving process on your own, follow our removalist checklist: Always remember to start early. Start your preparation 4-6 weeks before the moving date.

What to do the day before moving into a new house?

The Day Before Moving into a New House Checklist Drain liquid from ice makers, washing machines, etc. 4. Moving Day Checklist Double check if there are any items left behind by the previous tenants or occupants 5. After you have moved in

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