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Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare to move home in Scotland?

The Essential Checklist for Preparing to Move Home in Scotland Several Weeks Before the Home Move. Check your home insurance and make sure that you have cover from the day you take... Two Weeks Before Moving. Start packing non-essential items. This might include books, DVDs, non-seasonal clothes. ...

What should I do when I move house?

Start to contact people to tell them you are moving. Make sure to use our handy who to tell you are moving checklist. Ensure that you are insured! This can either be arranged through your own home insurance or may be available through your removal company. You should also consider insurance for your new property.

What do I need to pack for a move?

Make sure to defrost the freezer and empty the kitchen cupboards. Pack a moving day survival kit! Tea, coffee, biscuits, kettle, bed linens – all the essentials that you will need on your arrival at your new home. Take the movers around your home, explaining what is to be taken with you, and what is to be left behind.

What insurance do I need when I move house?

You should notify your contents insurance provider of when and where you will be moving. Check with them what is and is not insured during the move, as you may need to get additional insurance from them or the removals company. Health insurance (including dental insurance).

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