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Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories in 30 grams of cheddar cheese?

Calories. 121. #N#Fat. 9.94g. #N#Carbs. 0.38g. #N#Protein. 7.47g. There are 121 calories in 30 grams of Cheddar Cheese.

How many calories are in cheese?

A gram of fat provides 9kcal, compared with 4kcal for carbohydrate and protein. Most cheese is high in fat, so 420kJ/100kcal is just under a 30g matchbox-sized piece of cheddar cheese. Calories in sugar can add up if not used sparingly, especially for people who drink tea or coffee with sugar throughout the day.

How many calories are in 30g of cottage cheese?

There are 31 calories in 30 grams of Cottage Cheese. Calorie breakdown: 40% fat, 11% carbs, 49% protein.

How many grams of cheese should you eat a day?

Canada’s Food Guide says that 50 grams of cheese counts as one full serving of milk or milk alternatives—you should get just two servings a day. What’s more, cheese can also have a lot of calories, and those fat grams can add up fast, too.

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