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Frequently Asked Questions

Which cheese has the most calories?

Cheese is an excellent source of calcium. Hard cheeses are rich in calories. The Norwegian Brunost or Gjetost cheese has the most calories at 466 per 100 g, with Parmesan and cheddar following close behind.

What are the healthiest cheeses for weight loss?

Here are the seven best cheeses for your health: Cottage , from non-fat to 2% lowfat (0.0g-0.4g/oz saturated fat; 1mg-3mg/oz cholesterol) Ricotta , from part-skim to whole milk (1.4g-2.4g/oz saturated fat; 9mg-14mg/oz cholesterol)

How many calories are in your favorite cheese?

1 slice of cheddar cheese comes in at 112 calories . 1 slice of mozzarella cheese equals 85 calories . 1 slice of Gouda cheese has 97 calories .

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