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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chest pain a sign of COPD?

When you live with COPD, there are many reasons why you may experience pain in your chest. Chest pain in COPD has several potential causes: Bronchial spasms. This happens when the muscles that control the airways tighten suddenly. It can make it challenging and painful to breathe. Digestive trouble.

How to triage patients with chest pain?

“We found that telephone consultation with a nurse or physician can be used to safely and effectively triage patients with chest pain,” said Sax, the study’s lead author. Sax will present the findings on Dec. 4 at a Health Affairs briefing on telehealth in Washington, DC. When physicians take the call

Is chest pain always an emergency?

Is chest pain always an emergency? In short, if you are experiencing chest pain, you should not panic, but you should call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room (ER). When will my chest pain go away? Chest pain may arise and subside every few minutes or over several days.

What do hospice nurses give most for pain?

Hospice nurses also provide comfort care for the management of pain and symptoms. In addition to providing support for physical needs, they also help with emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual needs, and give guidance to caregivers. Hospice nurses can even offer grief counseling to the patient’s loved ones.

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