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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chicago Bulls nickname?

The one-syllable directness of the Bulls was also in line with Chicago's other team nicknames-Bears, (White) Sox, Cubs, and (Black) Hawks . "We were the meat capital of the world," said Klein at the time.

Who wore number 23 for the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan is most recognized for wearing the number 23 jersey, both with the Chicago Bulls and during his short career with the Washington Wizards. He wore number 45 when he returned to basketball after his first retirement in 1995 because his number 23 had already been retired by the Bulls.

What are the Chicago Bulls colors?

Chicago Bulls Hex, RGB, PANTONE and CMYK Color Codes. The Chicago Bulls colors are Bulls Red, Black and White.

What is the origin of Chicago Bulls name?

The Chicago Bulls Encyclopedia has the explanation: The name denoted strength and power , and it tied in to the city's meatpacking tradition and the Chicago Amphitheater's (first home court of the Bulls) proximity to the famed Chicago Stockyards.

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