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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat chicken on keto diet?

If you follow a very firm keto diet, make sure to personalize this food list to make it work best for you. Meat: Red meat, steak, ham, sausage, bacon, turkey and chicken. Fatty Fish: Salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel.

Can you eat fried chicken wings on keto diet?

When you’re on a keto diet, you typically avoid wheat, starch, sugars, and sugary fruit, but some berries are ok – which means deep frying, breaded chicken wings are a big no-no. But air fried wings without breading are a great option for the keto diet.

Is the ketogenic diet the best diet?

“Ketogenic” is a term for a low-carb diet (like the Atkins diet). The idea is for you to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. You cut back most on the carbs that are easy to digest, like sugar, soda, pastries, and white bread.

Can you eat chicken salad on the keto diet?

Most of the time, chicken salad is a naturally low carb meal option, but that does depend what you put in it. There are chicken salad recipes with grapes, apples, or dried cranberries that need to be left out for a keto chicken salad.

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