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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of chicken do you feed your toddlers?

Chicken is a super versatile meat that is liked by most toddlers and preschoolers. I like to buy boneless skinless chicken breasts in bulk and cook a bunch up ahead of time.

How to make chicken strips for kids' lunch?

Just take boneless skinless chicken breast, cut it into strips, dredge it in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, and either bake it on a baking sheet in the oven or saute it quickly in a skillet. So good and so easy for the daycare kid’s lunch. And who doesn’t love chicken strips?

What do you put on a daycare menu?

Here are the serving sizes required for lunch ideas for your childcare menu Daycare menu ideas for CACFP must include fluid milk, meat or meat alternates, vegetables or vegetables, and fruit and grains. Once you get used to making menus that include all of these, it becomes second nature, and planning daycare menus is much easier.

What are the best recipes for kids in school?

Recipes for Healthy Kids: Cookbook for Child Care Centers. 1 Whole Grains. Porcupine Sliders (Grand Prize Winner) Chic' Penne (1st Place Winner) Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (2nd Place Winner) Aztec Grain Salad. 2 Dark Green & Orange Vegetables. 3 Dry Beans and Peas.

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