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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chico called in English?

(c)hi-co, ch-ico ] The baby boy name Chico is pronounced as CH-IY-Kow †. Chico is used chiefly in Portuguese and Spanish. Its origin is Italian. Chico is a familiar form of the name Francisco (Portuguese and Spanish) as well as a familiar form of the name Francis (English).

How far is Chico from Chino?

Distance from Chino Hills to Chico. Distance between Chino Hills and Chico is 733 kilometers (456 miles). Driving distance from Chino Hills to Chico is 813 kilometers (505 miles).

Is CSU Chico a party school?

In 1987, Chico State was ranked as a party school by Playboy. Chico State is no longer included on Playboy's list of party schools. CSU Chico opened its first sub-campus in Redding, affiliated with Shasta College, in 2007.

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