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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose chipsi for animals?

Moreover, they allow animals to amuse themselves, play, rest and retreat to their heart’s content. With CHIPSI, animals do well, naturally! The optimal care and CHIPSI product recommendations for pets and farm animals.

What is Chi Psi?

Chi Psi is a Fraternity of gentlemen devoted to the personal and collective needs of its members. A selective association of diverse individuals, we are dedicated to the cultivation of a unique environment that instills a lifelong commitment to Brotherhood.

What is chipsi pet bedding made of?

CHIPSI pet products consist of wood, cellulose, hay, straw, maize or hemp, and in the many years that we have been dealing with plant-based animal bedding, we have found out how to process these plants so that they ensure optimal cleanliness and hygiene.

What is the history of chidchi psi?

Chi Psi is founded upon the fraternal aspects of brotherhood and embraces a number of values in its pursuit to establish this brotherhood. These values were first adopted at its founding in 1841, and later, a restatement of principles was given at the 122nd National Convention in 1963.

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