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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chomikuj safe to use?

Is Safe? Share your thoughts... ON ONE HAND; as a website itself, it is safe to acess it and browse it's content in general. It's a trusted portal and there are no computer threats or privacy risks involved from the publisher himself.

How much data can I download from chomikuj?

There are also monthly/quarterly/yearly subscription accounts, where your weekly limit is increased to 1GB, 3GB and 10GB respectively. I wouldn't buy those if you don't download a lot from Chomikuj.

What would happen if chomikuj shut down?

Basically a lot of rare stuff that cannot be found anywhere else on the net, like old Nokia modification stuff, or obscure games, or hard to get documents. It would be an incredible shame if Chomikuj shut down, since they have Internet's history on there, and they're bleeding users all the time.

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