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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tony Chopper difficult to cosplay?

Tony Tony Chopper is one of the many that provides difficulties to cosplay. Yet somehow, 10 of these cosplayers managed to do it. If there's one thing One Piece will always have over other shonen, it's how off the wall the designs tend to be.

Is chochopper a mob boss?

Chopper is the last character in all of One Piece that you'd expect to be a mob boss or even a member of it, but that makes the entire look even better. It's always great when cosplayers like Semashke put their spin on a character like this, getting to show off even more of their creative chops.

Can you become a chopper wearing a hat?

Here is hat chopper coming out to "sea New World" last It's unbearable goods in one piece fan. You will earn fully become a chopper wearing a hat!

Where can I buy cheap cosplay costumes?

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