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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is chochopper's coin & collectible network?

Chopper’s Coin & Collectible Network 4905 34th St S, Suite 247 St. Petersburg, FL, Florida United States Phone: 800-760-2646

What is a copy coin?

Additionally, they produce a large quantity of "tribute coins" which are copies of genuine U.S. coins. They do follow United States law and mark each coin as "COPY" so they are not confused with genuine coins.

What kind of inventory do you have for coin collectors?

Our inventory list features a diverse variety of rare coins, precious metals, and other rare collectibles that will excite both beginning and experienced coin collectors alike. Every coin collector will enjoy browsing our available inventory containing various numismatic products.

What kind of rare coins are on coin&collectible network?

Featured Television Products Our product list features the same intriguing rare coins and collectibles that can be viewed on our television program. From gold and silver rare coins to various collectibles and other numismatic treasures, Coin & Collectible Network provides unmatched customer service with great attention to detail.

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