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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Christian Book Distributors?

President and CEO Ray Hendrickson explains the background of the decision: “When we started the business 40 years ago out of Mom and Dad’s house, we came up with the name ‘Christian Book Distributors’ as we felt it described what we did—distribute Christian books.

What is the history of Christian book distribution? is the online home of Christian Book Distributors, a company formed long before the Internet even began to take shape. The company was started in 1978 by two brothers who were 19 and 14 years old at the time, out of their parents’ home in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Is Christianbook still in business?

Although the company moved several times through the early years, each new facility was within the city, and today Christianbook’s “home” is still in Peabody. Christianbook became the largest company in the direct-to-consumer Christian catalog business.

What is the largest Christian catalog company? is the largest Christian catalog company in the world, sending out over 65 mailings of unique catalogs to millions of customers each year. customers have access to the premier selection of Christian products available—over 300,000 books, Bibles, DVDs, CDs, gifts, toys, games, and more.

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