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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 15 best faith based movies of 2020?

The 15 Best Faith-Based Movies of 2020 1 I Still Believe (PG) 2 Selfie Dad (PG) 3 Free Burma Rangers (unrated) 4 The Three Wise Men (unrated) 5 Clouds (PG-13) 6 The Last Champion (PG-13) 7 Farmer and the Belle (PG) 8 Against the Tide (unrated) 9 Small Group the Movie (PG-13) 10 Switched (unrated) More items...

What are the best Christian movies for families who are stuck at home?

The 75 Best Christian Movies For Families Who Are Stuck at Home 1 War Room- AP, A 2 Fireproof- AP, A 3 Facing the Giants- AP, A 4 Courageous- AP, A 5 Flywheel-AP, A 6 Overcomer-AP, A 7 God’s Not Dead-N, AP 8 God’s Not Dead 2-N, AP 9 God’s Not Dead 3: A Light In the Darkness-N, AP 10 Left Behind Series- AP More items...

Are there any Christian movies on Netflix?

There are Christian movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, etc. All the work is done for you, so enjoy these great shows now! The best Christian movies for families are the ones that reinforce good family values or teach a valuable lesson.

Are there any faith-based movies in the film industry?

When it comes to the film industry, movies that are specifically Christianity-focused are few and far between. If faith-based movies are important to you and your family, then knowing exactly which ones are being released and when is key to not missing them when they’re in theaters.

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