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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if my Chrome browser is updated?

How to check for Google Chrome updates: To check if your Google Chrome is updated, simply click on the “Wrench Menu” then choose “About Google Chrome” from the dropdown menu. Then your Google Chrome will search for updates as illustrated in the image below.

How do I Check my browser update?

Go to the "Tools" menu. Select "Windows Update". Click the link informing you of new updates. Check for Internet Explorer updates. Select the check box for the updates and click "Download" if you want to install them.

How do I install Chrome Chrome browser?

Windows 10 Install Chrome if it isn't installed yet. Open the Start menu and click or tap "Settings.". Select "System" from the Settings Home menu. Click or tap the "Default apps" tab. Select the "Web browser" option. Choose Google Chrome to make it the default. Use the Control Panel if your settings aren't being saved.

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