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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vivaldi have extensions?

VIVALDI browser can use the CHROME STORE add-ons or extensions. You can install the same extensions you have in your CHROME into VIVALDI.

How can I import extensions from chrome?

Open the Chrome browser that you want to export the extension from. If you have the extension installed for a different profile than the one that opens by default, switch to it. Go to chrome://extensions/ and enable Developer Mode. On this same page, look for the extension that you want to export and find its ID.

How does Vivaldi compare to Google Chrome?

User Interface. Google Chrome is really simple on UI when compared to Vivaldi, Chrome has a simple tab-bar and the second bar is a combo of Address bar and Search box, google calls it Omni box. Vivaldi on the other hand, has a status bar on the bottom that contains a Zoon slider and a toggle to enable or disable images.

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