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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lowest price for a Chromebook?

While you can find pricier models out there, an average user can find a great Chromebook at a bargain price as compared to other laptops on the market. A basic Chromebook with a smaller screen size (usually 11 inches), a less sturdy form factor, and 2GB of RAM should cost a low price of $100 to $150.

Where is the best place to buy a Chromebook?

You’ll also see an influx of deals during Prime Day and the back-to-school season in July and August. As far as where to shop for a Chromebook, check the prices at popular stores including Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon. We’ve also seen some great deals come from Woot and Costco. Price compare!

What makes a Chromebook so secure?

Chrome uses what's known as Verified Boot to make sure the system files haven't been tampered with. When it's powering on, your Chromebook checks to make sure the system files are exactly the same ...

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