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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install Microsoft Office on a Chromebook?

How to install Office apps on a Chromebook: Open the Google Play Store and search for the apps you want to install. Click Install. Once your app(s) are installed, click the Launcher on your Chromebook and click on the app to open it. Sign in with your personal Microsoft Account or your account associated with your Office 365 subscription.

Is Windows Office compatible with a Chromebook?

Is Windows Office Compatible With a Chromebook? Chrome OS. Part of what gives Chromebooks their speed is the minimalist Chrome OS. ... Office Web Apps. You can't install Microsoft Office on a Chromebook and using Microsoft's Office on Demand, full online streaming versions of Office suite applications, requires Windows. Working With Files. ... Google Docs. ...

Can you get Microsoft Word on Chromebook?

Microsoft Word is a Windows based program and hence not supported on Chromebooks. However, using Word on Chromebook is not a problem, there are applications available for Chromebooks that will allow you to access, edit and modify any Microsoft Word File.

What can I do with a Chromebook?

You can do quite a bit with a Chromebook. Surf the internet quickly. Keep up with all the social media. Work with e-mail. Use all the Google apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Keep a blog. Build web pages with HTML and CSS (I am doing that for a web development class). And anything else that is web based.

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