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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chromium mainly used for?

Chromium has found a wide range of applications due to its hardness and resistance to corrosion. It is mainly used in three industries ― metallurgical, chemical, and refractory. It is widely used for manufacturing stainless steel, as it prevents corrosion and discoloration of steel.

What does the name Chromium mean?

Chromium: historical information. In fact, the name chromium is from the Greek word " chroma " meaning " colour ", so named because of the many different coloured compounds displayed by chromium. A year or two after Vauquelin's discovery, a German chemist named Tassaert working in Paris found chromium in an ore now called chromite.

Is chromium a computer virus?

Having a Chromium “virus” browser on your computer means only one thing – that you should immediately focus on removing it in order to stop your computer from slowing down, freezing and displaying advertisements from third-party websites that may even infect it with malware.

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