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Frequently Asked Questions

How many locations does church's chicken have in the United States?

909 Church's Chicken Locations in the United States 1 Alabama 2 Arizona 3 Arkansas 4 California 5 Colorado 6 Florida 7 Georgia 8 Illinois 9 Indiana

Why churchs chicken™?

At Churchs Chicken™, we like to push boundaries while staying true to our method- “The Churchs Way”. Everything about Churchs Chicken® is BIG! Our popping flavors, personalities, servings, are nothing short of bold and daring.

Does Church’s Chicken have a family discount?

Download Church’s app to order ahead all your down home cravings and get exclusive offers. Sign up for Church’s Chicken ® emails to get a dose of delicious Down Home deals sent straight to your inbox. Down Home, everyone deserves the family discount.

What is the best thing to put on chicken at church's?

Order a side of jalapeño peppers and squeeze the juice onto your chicken. In-the-know Church's® eaters have been rolling like that since 1952. Creamy, tangy and delicious.

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