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Frequently Asked Questions

Does church's chicken have fried chicken?

Looking for all your Southern favorites including fried chicken? Church's Chicken has all the usual staples, and has added on new favorites! Use our Church's Chicken restaurant locator list to find the location near you, plus discover which locations get the best reviews.

How many church's chicken locations are there in the United States?

907 Church's Chicken Locations in the United States 1 Alabama 2 Arizona 3 Arkansas 4 California 5 Colorado 6 Florida 7 Georgia 8 Illinois 9 Indiana 10 Kansas

Does church's chicken have Down Home deals?

Sign up for Church’s Chicken® emails to get a dose of delicious Down Home deals sent straight to your inbox. Download the Church’s Chicken® App today and bring deals on that down home flavor right to the palm of your hand. When it comes to a meal at Church’s Chicken®, you’re going to need a bigger plate.

What is the best thing to put on chicken at church's?

Order a side of jalapeño peppers and squeeze the juice onto your chicken. In-the-know Church's® eaters have been rolling like that since 1952. Creamy, tangy and delicious.

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