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Frequently Asked Questions

What dentist accept Cigna?

Dentist that Accepts Cigna Insurance To better serve the community, Avalon Dental Group accepts most major insurance plans including Cigna. You receive insurance coverage through Cigna for most every service we provide at Avalon Dental.

Is Cigna a good insurance for dental?

Cigna is a health and life insurance company with a global span. Dental insurance is only a small portion of what this provider does, but it offers good, reliable coverage. The comprehensive plan, for example, is available everywhere and covers 100 percent of the costs of standard preventive care as well as a competitive percentage of major care procedures like root canals and orthodontia.

Does Cigna have dental insurance?

Cigna Dental Insurance Plans. You can take advantage of Cigna dental coverage with or without a Cigna medical plan. Our dental preferred provider organization (DPPO) plans offer affordable dental plan options to people of all ages, nationwide. Fifteen million U.S. consumers choose Cigna dental insurance.

How much does CIGNA Dental insurance cost?

Another popular Cigna plan, Cigna Dental 1000, offers coverage at similar rates. The main difference between the plans is that the 1500 plan has a yearly maximum (the most that Cigna will pay out for treatment within a calendar year) of $1,500.

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