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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cigna a good insurance for dental?

Cigna is a health and life insurance company with a global span. Dental insurance is only a small portion of what this provider does, but it offers good, reliable coverage. The comprehensive plan, for example, is available everywhere and covers 100 percent of the costs of standard preventive care as well as a competitive percentage of major care procedures like root canals and orthodontia.

How to check Cigna eligibility?

There are three ways to verify eligibility for a Cigna-HealthSpring STAR+PLUS Member. Speak to a Cigna-HealthSpring Representative: Hidalgo and Tarrant SDA: 1 (877) 653-0331; Use Cigna-HealthSpring's Automated Eligibility Verification Line by calling 1 (866) 467-3126. Verify eligibility online using Cigna-HealthSpring's Provider Portal.

Does Cigna Medicare cover dental?

Cigna offers dental plans as part of their Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage dental plans may cover preventive dental care which can help lower your dental care costs in the future by helping you keep your teeth healthy. If you are eligible for Medicare Advantage, you are eligible for dental plans when offered.

Is Cigna a private insurance?

Cigna has been a supplier of private healthcare since 1983. As one of the UK's leading providers of managed employee healthcare benefits and services, Cigna has a comprehensive range of healthcare insurance products including private medical insurance, expatriate health cover, dental plans and occupational health services and well-being programmes.

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