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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cigna have Medicare plans?

In 2017, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services sanctioned Cigna from selling Medicare Advantage and Part D plans in 2017. This year, Cigna only offers a wide range of Medicare Supplement plans to fit an individual’s needs. Cigna Medicare Supplement plans help to cover costs that are not typically covered Original Medicare.

Is Cigna a good health insurance company?

Cigna is a reputable health insurance company that provides policies for 12 states. It is easy to get a quote online, and the website offers information on finding a doctor and what drugs it covers. It lacks short-term coverage plans, but otherwise is a service worth looking into.

Does Cigna Medicare cover prescription drugs?

A Cigna Medicare Part D plan can give you coverage for some of your prescription drug costs, but it won't offer some of the other benefits that a Medicare Advantage plan or Original Medicare offer.

Is Cigna Medicare supplement good?

Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance Review. Cigna is a major provider of health and life insurance in the United States. Their Medicare Supplemental Plans are offered in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Cigna is financially strong and, in general, receives positive marks for its customer service.

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