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Frequently Asked Questions

What does magnesium citrate taste like?

The citrate of magnesium has a sour and acidic taste to it. It seems like the kind of prep that could make you sick if you had any upper GI problems at all like reflux. It was hard for me to get down. I preferred the half lightly.

How much magnesium citrate can I take in a day?

If you are taking magnesium citrate as a supplement, how much you should take depends on your age and sex. Men ages 19 to 30 should take 400 milligrams (mg) a day, while men over age 30 should take 420 mg. Women up to 50 years of age should take 310 mg a day. Some possible side effects:

What does magnesium citrate do for You?

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that is important for many systems in the body, especially the muscles and nerves. Magnesium citrate also increases water in the intestines. Magnesium citrate is used as a laxative to treat occasional constipation.

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