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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a citrated platelet count (CTC)?

A Citrated Platelet Count will be suggested by Haematology when clumped platelets have been seen on a blood film on one or more occasions, significantly lowering the platelet count. When this occurs the platelet count will be removed from the FBC report and a comment added. Last updated: Tuesday 22nd October 2019

What is the platelet count of Na citrate?

The Na Citrate tube was run, and platelet count from the instrument was 189,000/μL. (Figure 1) Because of the blood:anticoagulant ratio in the Na Citrate tube, a multiplier of 1.1 was applied, thus making the Na Citrate platelet count 207,900/μL. Slides were made, stained and examined. Image 1 shows the clumping in the EDTA tube.

Can corrected citrate utilized for platelet count & manual platelet count?

A very easy safe & reliable method is to use Citrated blood for platelet count. This study was undertaken to assess the correlation of corrected citrate utilized platelet count & manual platelet count which will have a great diagnostic implication. 2. Methodology &Results This study includes a total of 100 cases of EDTA- PTCP.

Can I use a hematology analyzer with a Na citrate tube?

Because of the volume of the anticoagulant in the Na Citrate tube you must also apply the dilution factor of 1.1 to the count from the Na Citrate tube to get an accurate platelet count. Note, however, that hematology analyzers are FDA approved and validated for use with EDTA tubes.

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