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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at claimittexas?

From here, you’ll learn where Texas’ resources and its economy intersect. Natural Resources' Interactive Introduction to the Matagorda Bay Ecosystem Assessment The new streamlines and simplifies how to report, search and claim lost, forgotten and abandoned property.

What is claimsclaimit Texas? is a public division of the Texas Comptroller in Austin and has returned over 3 billion in assets since 1963. First, search by your last name or first and last.

Is claim it Texas legit?

I s Claim It Texas LEGIT? Yes, I guarantee it. Secondly, Texans would be surprised to learn the reasons their money is being held up on ClaimItTexas. It is a site which lists more than unreturned deposits from a business such as a rental property company or from a utility provider. There are dozens of reasons for unclaimed money in Texas.

How much unclaimed money is there in Texas?

Texas unclaimed money totals have now exceeded $5 billion. One of the largest states with unclaimed property, Texas has a searchable database that lists the property ID along with the name the account is under.

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