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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are cleancleaners in the division?

Cleaners is a Faction in The Division. Made up of blue-collar sanitation workers who have taken it upon themselves to clean up New York City. Take the “start over” approach to the disaster. They want to burn anything and anyone they come in contact with as an attempt to get rid of the virus.

Who are the cleaners and what is their mission?

The Cleaners are former New York City sanitation workers (garbage men, janitors, custodians, etc.) who lost everything during the outbreak. Formed by Joe Ferro, they are convinced that the only way to save the city from the virus is to burn everything down, including the people still living in it.

What is the cleaner faction?

A roaming faction, the Cleaners can appear in many districts; all agents should proceed with extra caution, especially in Cleaner-occupied territories. The faction consists of workers that were stranded from their homes once the virus hit.

What are the functions of the cleaning and maintenance division?

The two main functions of the division, cleaning and maintenance have distinctly different and specialized all together under one umbrella. The cleaning function operates daily and citywide using clean and green energy efficient sweeping equipment via three types of cleaning routes.

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