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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cleansea's cleanup?

Our Cleanups - 13 000 kilos of ocean trash removed. CleanSea's mission is to make an impact for marine life and shape a clean future for our oceans, and we do it by removing trash from the ocean along Sweden's west coast. We do coastal cleanups, collect plastic floating in marinas and sometimes dive to pull trash from the ocean floor.

What is clean sea and why is it important?

As well as being of practical use on an industrial level, Clean Sea is a useful tool for protecting the marine environment since it is able to automatically gather large amounts of data at a low cost, as well as contributing to oceanographic research.

What is the Clean Seas platform?

Through the Clean Seas platform, UNEP is connecting and rallying individuals, civil society groups, industry and governments for catalyzing change and transforming habits, practices, standards and policies around the globe to dramatically reduce marine litter and its negative impacts.

How can I help clean the ocean?

There's now a new way to help clean the ocean! Join the mission and start pulling kilos trash from the ocean every month by becoming a CleanSea subscriber. Each CleanSea subscriber removes 1 pound, 1 kilo or even 2 kilos of trash from the ocean monthly.

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