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Frequently Asked Questions

Does clear choice accept Medicare?

It's unfortunate, but Clear Choice does not accept Medicaid or Medicare. Your are better off going to a dentist in your town that does dentures and accepts payment from one of these government programs. A great set of dentures still give you a beautiful smile, the only difference is that you would have to remove them to clean them once a day.

Does clear choice accept insurance?

Clear choice does not accept insurance.... they are an out of network provider. They will offer payment options, financing (such as care credit, etc). Again, they are a "commercial entity"

Where is the headquarters for clear choice?

Clear Choice Corporate Office & Headquarters. 8350 E. Crescent Parkway Suite 100 | Greenwood Village CO 80111.

What is clean choice?

Clean Choice is a family-owned business that has been providing professional high-quality cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area since 1995.

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