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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clifton's cafeteria still in business?

Clifton's Cafeteria. Clifton's Cafeteria, once part of a chain of eight Clifton's restaurants, is the oldest surviving cafeteria style eatery in Los Angeles and the largest public cafeteria in the world.

What happened to Clifton's Pacific seas cafeteria?

Facade of the Clifton's Pacific Seas Cafeteria. Courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library Photograph Collection. The Broadway cafeteria - closed temporarily since September as it undergoes renovations - is the last survivor among a chain of ten Clifton's restaurants.

What is Clifton’s?

Clifton’s is not just a bar, it is an experience! (It is usually a restaurant, too, but the kitchen is in a remodel, so we couldn’t get food.) Each floor has a different theme. It is a little reminiscent of the rainforest cafe with a...

Is nostalgia being served up at reopened Clifton's cafeteria?

"Nostalgia is served up at reopened Clifton's cafeteria". Los Angeles Times. Retrieved October 9, 2015. ^ a b Shatkin, Elina (November 28, 2018).

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