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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Clifton Gorge?

Right by John Bryan State Park, you'll find Clifton Gorge. It follows the course of the Little Miami River, making it a beautiful hiking destination. It's located on OH-343 in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

How long does it take to hike Clifton Gorge?

If you follow the route we describe here, it turns out to be about a 5-mile trek�remember though, you can do any number and combination of the ten trails available at this park and reserve, so the mileage is up to you. So pack up the car and head for Clifton Gorge, a definitive jewel in the Ohio park system.

Are restrooms open around Clifton goege trail?

Are restrooms open around Clifton Goege trail? Randy S Upper Arlington, OH151 contributions There is a portapotty near the high end of the trail where the gorge is narrow. I don't know if it is maintained or opened during this Covid. Otherwise, I would say no, to the restrooms. I also haven't been there this year. Read all replies Derrick P

What to do in Clifton NJ?

Clifton Opera House 2 0.6 miOperas Glen Helen Nature Preserve 206 2.6 miNature & Wildlife Areas Young's Jersey Dairy Farm 292 2.7 miFarms John Bryan State Park 106 1.8 miState Parks • Parks

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