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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Clifton Mill?

Soon a village known as Davis Mills sprang up. The Little Miami River powered five other mills that were built within a mile of Historic Clifton Mill: a woolen mill, saw mill, paper mill, barrel mill and another grist mill. Historic Clifton Mill is the only one still standing.

Where is Clifton Ohio?

Where is Clifton, Ohio? Clifton is about 30 miles E of Dayton, 40 miles SW of Columbus, 9 miles S of Springfield, 8 miles NE of Xenia, 3 miles E of Yellow Springs, 3 miles N of Cedarville in Greene County. Click here for detailed directions.

Does Clifton Mill have the best Christmas decorations in Ohio?

That's one Clifton Mill. The other Clifton Mill decorates its grounds for Christmas. In fact, it is known as a place with some of the best decorations in the state of Ohio. The problem is trying to see them on a Saturday evening.

What to do in Clifton?

The Historic Clifton Mill Restaurant offers the atmosphere of yesteryear. Sit back and relax to the gentle sounds of the old mill wheel and the soft rhythm of the water gently cascading over the falls. Gaze out at some of the country’s most beautiful natural scenery, Clifton Gorge and the Little Miami River.

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