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Frequently Asked Questions

How to assess for DVT?

The most common tests used to diagnose DVT are: Ultrasound. This is the most common test for diagnosing deep vein blood clots. A D-dimer test. This test measures a substance in the blood that’s released when a blood clot dissolves. Venography. This test is used if ultrasound doesn’t provide a clear diagnosis.

What do you do for DVT?

Blood thinners are the most common medications used to treat DVT. They cut your blood’s ability to clot. You may need to take them for 6 months. If your symptoms are severe or your clot is very large, your doctor may give you a strong medicine to dissolve it.

Can You exercise with DVT?

When you’re on an airplane, take a trip to the restroom or stand up and stretch when possible. On a road trip, stop frequently to walk and stretch your legs. When you can't walk around, seated exercises can prevent blood clots of DVT.

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