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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fanatec Clubsport pedal?

These third generations Fanatec ClubSport pedals come with a Turning points of brake and clutch on top side like in real cars, High-resolution pedals with magnetic and contactless sensors on gas and clutch for a long life and maximum performance. Pedal extension to adjust the angle of the pedal plate and to change the angle of the whole pedal arm

What is the load cell in the Clubsport V3?

In the Clubsport V3, Load Cell is included in the form of a 90 KG adjustable Load Cell delivering a realistic and strong pressure. What does the adjustable 90 kg Load Cell help my gaming experience in? The custom-made load cell is extremely durable and much more precise than the one in V2.

Are the pedals compatible with the Clubsport USB adapter?

The pedals are not compatible to the ClubSport USB Adapter. Please use the included USB connector (PC only). Please note that the vibration function on gas and brake is not supported by all games.

Can a Clubsport pedal be attached to a pwgt3rs wheel?

(NOTE: This is only available for Clubsport Pedals attached directly to a PWGT3RS wheel) Welcome to the HelpDrivers, driver for printers. Original files: In HelpDrivers, all drivers, manuals, BIOS, etc. are those originally provided by the official manufacturers.

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