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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Fanatec Clubsport pedals V3?

Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 - Simtech Racing Nothing will make you faster than a set of good pedals. Fanatec use the latest and most advanced technology to give you a competitive edge. Thinking of ordering from a non UK or other EU Website?

Are the V3 pedals compatible with Clubsport V3 damper kit?

Compatible to ClubSport Pedals V3 Damper Kit (throttle and brake pedal) The pedals are not compatible to the ClubSport USB Adapter. Please use the included USB connector (PC only). Please note that the vibration function on gas and brake is not supported by all games.

What makes the Clubsport 3rd generation pedals unique?

The third generation of the ClubSport pedals is still using the simple but proven design of its legendary predecessors. MAXIMUM ADJUSTABILITY. There are countless ways to adjust these pedals ergonomically according to your racing style and preferences. CONTACTLESS HALL SENSORS.

What are the features of Clubsport products?

Questions about the product? Further ClubSport products High resolution pedals with magnetic and contactless sensors on gas and clutch for a long life and maximum performance Pressure sensitive brake with custom made 90 kg load cell sensor Alternative D-shape race plates in curved design. Ideal for standing pedals

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