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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the CSL elite pedals better than the Clubsport V3?

I think the CSL pedals seem to be better value for stock performance. The Clubsport V3 pedals in the end cost more than just 100 dollars extra as the chances are you'll end up buying the upgrades too. On the flipside the V3's will be more durable. Are there any issues with the csl elite pedals and load cell and rfactor2?

Are the CSL V3S any good?

I didn't tried the CSL Pedals, but the V3s are awesome set of pedals, I came from a G27 GTEYE moded set and this is light years ahead.

Should I buy the he ultimates or the LC pedals?

In some expects the LC pedals are better imo have tried them both for a couple of months. i've not got a second hand set of HE Ultimates. I would say buy the CSL elite pedals With the loadcell brake kit, It's more the question what do you like more Plastic or metal?

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