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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the cmp200 series unique?

The CMP200 series offers brand-new automatic barrier gates equipped with telescopic boom arm that allows direction exchanging according to site application and a silvery housing with built-in LED indicating the state of the parking barrier, providing humanized user experience.

What is the cmp-200 digital clamp meter used for?

The CMP-200 digital clamp meter has been designed for clamp measurements of AC leakage current. DATA HOLD function, for holding measured values. double molded casing.

What is the R&S®cmp200 used for?

The R&S®CMP200 is ideal for beamforming and power measurements. Rohde & Schwarz presents a compact OTA test solution for 5G FR2 devices at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. Do you have questions or need additional information?

Why choose cmp200 barrier gates?

Its appearance and structure are designed based on the feedback and needs of the market and industry. Comparing with other barrier gates, the CMP200 series of automatic barrier gate products with telescopic straight boom might be an economic good fit meeting demands in different parking lots.

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