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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to login to coahomacc?

Instead of using (myCCC Portal), (Canvas), or (Gmail), please use to login to all three systems. This will be the easiest thing for everyone to remember and do.

How do I login to my Canvas account?

To access your Canvas portal, you will need your 6-digit student ID number and your password (8-digit birthday in the format: mmddyyyy, i.e. 03151980). We recommend that you bookmark this page or create a shortcut on your desktop for quicker access. Before starting your courses in Canvas, you should update your profile and user settings.

What is cancanvas?

CANVAS is the learning management system used to deliver instruction for all institutional courses. It is the place where you will engage and participate in your online courses, as well as, access important and supplemental resources for both online and traditional courses.

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