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Frequently Asked Questions

What is codelens in Visual Studio Code?

This post & video explained about the CodeLens in Visual Studio Code CodeLens is a very useful features for the developer to easy way to identify the Property or Method references in particular file. This require to enables from Settings and below are the steps to require to enable CodeLens in Visual Studio Code Settings.

How do I enable the JavaScript references codelens?

The JavaScript references CodeLens displays an inline count of reference for classes, methods, properties, and exported objects: To enable the references CodeLens, set "javascript.referencesCodeLens.enabled" to true.

Is there a way to activate codelens in the preview version?

Unfortunately I couldn't find out if this is in bug in the current preview version or if a Visual Studio extension is responsible for it. You can activate the CodeLens easily via the Visual Studio options. Simply open the modal option window under Tools -> Options, search for CodeLens and activate the desired features accordingly.

What is CoDecode lens in Visual Studio 2013?

Code lens is a new feature in Visual Studio 2013 which helps us to understand three important things about our code while we are coding inside Visual Studio. All these three things (Impact, test and latest) are seen right above your class / method when you code in Visual Studio as shown in the below figure:

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