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Frequently Asked Questions

What is colonial definition?

The definition of colonial is related to the 13 original colonies, or characteristic of the styles of this period in history. An example of something colonial is a village that depicts life at the time of the 13 colonies. A colonial is defined as a person who lives or lived in a colony.

What were colonial policies?

British Colonial Policies. The rationale was that people should have some input into the making of legislation, especially levying new taxes. Until the 1950s, no Africans were appointed; often missionaries were appointed as representatives to articulate the interests of Africans.

What is colonial style?

Colonial style. Colonial style seems to have come to mean rectangular, two-story houses. More traditionally, a colonial is a style found in the U.S., which would also have certain stylistic characteristics, such as the main entrance in the front, center with symmetric windows, and optionally, wings on both sides.

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