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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different color schemes in art?

Color in art is based on color theory, which is composed of three basic parts: the color wheel hue, color value and color schemes. Color is the element in art of reflected light that is interpreted by the eye. The color wheel provides a diagram of hues as perceived by the eye. The most basic color wheel has the three hues yellow, red and blue.

What are some examples of color schemes?

Examples of this color scheme are yellow, yellow-green and green or purple and lavender. This is a harmonic, peaceful color scheme that's easy on the eyes. For example, plant sweet Williams (Phlox divaricata), choosing reddish-purple, purple and lavender varieties.

What are the types of color schemes?

Types of Color Schemes. Complementary colors are usually found across from each other on the color wheel and include pairs like red-green, yellow-violet, and blue-orange. A complementary scheme can take advantage of different values in the color, such as a paring of pink with dark green (a personal favorite).

What are the best color combinations?

Some of the best color combinations with red (mostly from England/Ireland): Tomato: pale olive / cream / cerulean or cobalt blue. Fire Engine: grayish mauve / plum / dusky apple green / white. Cranberry: moss / burnt orange / sage / silver gray.

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