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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the funniest Las Vegas comedy shows in 2021-2022?

It's one of the most amazing Las Vegas comedy shows in 2021-2022 suitable for kids, although they do have a 5+ age restriction. Venue: Atrium Showroom - Luxor Hotel Schedule: Monday-Thursday at 8:30 pm Review: Carrot Top's is one of the funniest Las Vegas comedy shows, performing at Luxor.

What to do in Las Vegas in October 2021?

Things To Do In Las Vegas In October 2021 - Shows, Events And Concerts Las Vegas shows in October 2021 include concerts by ZZ Top and Sting. Visiting stand up comedians include Tom Segura, Ron White. Plus there is plenty of other upcoming shows, events, gigs, acts, and other events and things to do!

What are the best magic shows in Las Vegas for families?

The Mac King Las Vegas Comedy Magic Show is a slice of family-friendly fun, taking place at 1 pm and 3 pm daily at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. The longest-running magician in Vegas, King is hilarious and witty, while his magic tricks and illusions will wow people of all ages. Likewise, Murray The Magician is a show that your kids will enjoy as well.

Are there any comedians with residencies in Las Vegas?

Meanwhile, there are plenty of incredible comedians with residencies in Vegas. Tape Face is one of the most innovative comedians on the Strip, combining mine, comedy and audience participation to create a show that’s full of eccentricity and whimsy and that’s suitable for the whole family.

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