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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of Common Core?

Pros and Cons of Common Core Pro: Common Core Standards create a level playing field. Con: The program puts states in a tough position. Pro: Common Core Standards cuts cost for those who do adopt them. Con: In some areas, this is quite an adjustment. Pro: Common Core Standards give states room for disagreement.

What is common core and how does it work?

Common Core is meant to help children understand math in a way that ties it into the real world, rather than teach them a method for quickly solving equations on paper. For example, most people were taught to "borrow" in subtraction problems with large numbers.

What is the purpose of Common Core?

The Real Purpose of Common Core. Common Core was not created to provide hard and definite methods to solve math problems. It was created to help students develop a more accurate perception of numbers and show students how numbers can be bent and manipulated to achieve a specific goal.

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