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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Common Core Standards a good thing?

The Common Core Standards increase the rigor in some classrooms and may better prepare students for college and global work success . This is probably the single biggest reason that the Common Core Standards were created. Higher education has long complained that more and more students need remediation at the beginning of college.

Why do we need Common Core Standards?

Common core standards offer the following benefits to students: Allow students moving from one state to another a smoother academic transition. Help students understand what is expected of them in terms of academic performance. Provides students with necessary skills and knowledge for college and the workforce.

What are the pros and cons of Common Core?

Pros and Cons of Common Core Pro: Common Core Standards create a level playing field. Con: The program puts states in a tough position. Pro: Common Core Standards cuts cost for those who do adopt them. Con: In some areas, this is quite an adjustment. Pro: Common Core Standards give states room for disagreement.

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