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Frequently Asked Questions

What do parents need to know about Eternals?

Parents need to know that Eternals is an epic-scale Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) adventure directed by Oscar-winning writer-director Chloé Zhao. It focuses on a team of ancient aliens who emerge after the events of Avengers: Endgame to battle the monstrous Deviants they thought they had defeated long ago.

How do the Eternals fight the Deviants?

The Eternals use their superpowers and superweapons to defeat scary, aggressive monsters known as Deviants (one of which eats a parent in front of a child in the movie's opening scene); some goopy gore when they're killed. Characters are injured but usually healed (or can heal themselves).

Who are the eternal in Marvel Comics?

The only Eternal who has a fulfilling traditional life in the present is Phastos, Marvel's first openly gay hero, whose husband and son are another highlight of the occasionally rambling drama.

What is common sense?

Since 2003, Common Sense has been the leading independent source for media recommendations and advice for families. Wherever your family likes to stream or shop, we're here for you. Look for us next time you're searching for something to watch, read, or play.

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