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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the movie RV so bad?

Unoriginal and unfunny, Barry Sonnenfeld's RV puts yet another dysfunctional family though the paces of yet another summer vacation. Not only does the movie abuse its characters, it condescends to its viewers, presuming a lowest-denominator sense of humor.

What's in the RV with the kids?

The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Dad lies to his family regarding his work during the vacation; kids talk back to dad; tedious fart and poop jokes (especially concerning the RV's sewage).

Can I watch the Common Sense show on my TV?

Watch On Your TV! No cable subscription needed! Watch every broadcast from The Common Sense Show on your TV, Smart Phone, Desktop or Tablet with apps from Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV and more! Sign Up Now! Watch our daily news reports broadcasted live and on demand directly from our Common Sense Show headquarters!

What is Common Sense Media?

Common Sense Media's Program for the Study of Media and Children provides data relating to the developmental influence of technology on children.

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