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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snook a good fish to eat?

Snook will eat anything that looks good to them and is in range when they are hungry. Their favorite food is a small live fish, but live shrimp and small crabs are seldom turned down. Anglers should learn to use cast nets if they don't already know so that they can net their own bait.

Does Snook taste good?

Snook also taste very good and provide much larger fillets. I hesitate to recommend eating Snook however because they are a very important game fish throughout the Southern United States and really should be fished as a catch and release species in my view.

What do Snook eat for bait?

Over 45 mm, they eat mostly minnows including gambusia or mosquitofish. They prefer shrimp and small anchovies after they move out to the grassflats at lengths around eight inches. Adult snook eat mostly baitfish and shrimp, but they also eat large numbers of blue crabs, a bait most anglers overlook.

Is Snook fish edible?

snook / snoŏk/ • n. a large edible game fish (Centropomus undecimalis, family Centropomidae) of the Caribbean that is sometimes found in brackish water.

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